Trader HR

Trader HR is one of the best, most professional, and powerful trading chat rooms on the internet. To the best of our knowledge – and we have looked into a lot of trading chat rooms, most of which are useless – this is by far the best trading room on the internet. The founder of this chat room, Sinisa Persic, is a Chartered Market Technician and a Member of the CMT Association who has a huge amount of experience (15+ years) and a proven track record in trading. It’s no wonder that the quality of the Trader HR room is so high, and we are very comfortable recommending it.

What kind of performance has the Trader HR room gained? Over the time that it’s been in existence, they boost a swing trade win ratio of 73%, and you can verify that for yourself (all of the past trades are given on the website). That is far, far better than most people get, and clearly one can see that the people behind this trading room are experts when it comes to identifying stocks with major upside.

Based on what we have heard from reviews online and members of the Trader HR room, the support offered is excellent, and many members are doing extremely well following the alerts in the room.

Of course, as with all services, you should only invest what you can afford to lose and there is always a risk in getting involved in the stock market. But we strongly believe you should try this based on its past results. The website offers a free 7 day trial, and in that trial we believe you will very quickly see the outstanding quality that is being offered here. We expect cancelling will be the last thing on your mind once you see the value in this room.