Bret Taylor has made the following significant technological move at Salesforce since joining as co-CEO last year.

Bret Taylor is preparing to speak on stage at the annual Dreamforce conference for the first time with his new title ten months after being promoted to co-CEO of Salesforce, working alongside renowned creator Marc Benioff.

Taylor, a professional scientist with a Stanford master’s degree in computer science, admitted to CNBC that Salesforce’s major product announcement for this year’s event is “unashamedly geeky.” Its name is Genie, and it’s made to modernise Salesforce’s well-known sales database software with cutting-edge technology that puts real-time information at salespeople’s fingers.

In an interview, Taylor stated, “We’re really introducing a new technology capacity to our platform. The keynote speech by Taylor and Benioff will commence at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday in San Francisco.

In some ways, Salesforce is admitting that its current systems are a little out of date. The transactional database used by the original data storage software of the 23-year-old business comes from Oracle, where Benioff worked for 13 years prior to founding Salesforce. In the intervening decades, the world has become far more complicated, and businesses are swarming to databases that can handle data from a greater variety of sources and enable quicker judgments.

Salesforce started moving in the direction of Genie in 2019, when it unveiled a customer data platform, or CDP, that marketers can use to gather information on customers before sending them ads. Marketers will have access to the most recent data with Genie via Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud.

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