Safety is a top priority for Apple with its new iPhones and Apple Watches.

At its launch event on Wednesday, Apple unveiled a number of new hardware goods, including the iPhone 14, new AirPods Pro, and the Apple Watch Ultra. But one thing stood out: it gave safety measures a new level of attention. Here is a summary of the recent changes.

For iPhone 14 owners, a new safety feature called Emergency SOS utilises satellite technology. Even if you are far from a Wi-Fi or cell service signal, it will still let you communicate with emergency personnel. It might be helpful for those who are stranded on a hike, for instance.

A new Crash Detection function for the iPhone 14 and the new Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra was also unveiled by Apple. It enhances Apple’s fall detection technology, which was already present in several Apple Watch models.

Although we have previously seen it in other gadgets, such as some Google Pixel phones, it is the first time we have seen it in an Apple product.

The feature only operates when you are driving, and it can detect frontal, side, rear, and roll-over crashes in the majority of common types of automobiles. Crash Detection will automatically link you with emergency services in the event of an emergency, identify your position, and alert your emergency contacts.

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