A profile of nicotinepouchguide.com

Nicotine pouches are an emerging market and they have the potential to be a serious competitor to cigarettes within a few years. Nicotine pouches have a number of advantages over cigarettes, not least because they don’t harm others and you can have them anywhere. They’re also easily affordable.

For information on nicotine pouches and reviews of the main brands, check out Nicotine Pouch Guide. This is a website we haven’t put much work into yet, but we will in the coming months.


Many businesses these days make sales by prospective customers calling in, but don’t do anything more than add a static phone number to their website. Phone sales can be done a lot better than that. One tool that can potentially result in better sales performance is Webconnect, which allows you to put a call button on your website and allow visitors to call you immediately through their browser (the app will then just ask to use the users microphone, and they can call immediately – this may be much better than the potential customer have to pick up their phone and manually dial). Also, Webconnect gives you various insights like what page the visitor was on when they made the call. Worth checking out!

ICO shock

ICO’s are not quite as popular as they were back in the insane bull run the cryptocurrency market had in 2017, but there’s still plenty of them going on. For those interested in keeping track of ICO’s and the news around them, I recommend checking out ICOshock.

Read Books Faster: Blinkist

As the primary focus of this website is on stock analysis tools and the best way to get better at trading is through education, it’s important to have a read through the trading and investing books out there. But how can you read through a good, several-hundred-page book in a reasonable amount of time? That’s a tough one, and many people take months to read through just one book. That’s why a service like Blinkist was created, to summarize books and let people absorb the information within very quickly.

Blinkist works like this: they read the book, and then write short “blinks” that summarize each chapter. And then you can get through the summarized version very quickly (in less than a day).

For more information on Blinkist, see their official website here and read through this Blinkist review and FAQ.